Are you potentially pregnant and not sure how to move forward? We are here to walk with you during this time. Your first step is a no-cost and confidential pregnancy testing appointment to be sure.

Emotions can seem like a whirlwind, but you don’t have to figure this out alone. Make an empowered decision by understanding your pregnancy and your options today.

Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy testing and an ultrasound are two essential steps of pregnancy confirmation to be sure of your pregnancy details and your options.

Start with our no-cost pregnancy testing, and our team will help you understand your results. If you do receive a positive pregnancy testing result, we offer limited ultrasounds to confirm more of your pregnancy details.

Ultrasounds can confirm these three important pregnancy details:

  • How far along you are (gestational age)
  • Where your pregnancy is located (whether it’s located in the uterus or you are experiencing a potential ectopic pregnancy)
  • If your pregnancy is viable (is a growing pregnancy with a detectable heartbeat)

Be alerted to any potential pregnancy complications and safeguard your health with an ultrasound. You deserve the facts.

Options Education

The pressure to choose what to do next in your pregnancy journey can feel overwhelming at times. What are your pregnancy options? You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, or parenting.

Though the final decision is yours, be better informed about all your options before making a final decision. Talk to our team today and get your many questions answered.

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We’re here as you take each step along your pregnancy confirmation journey. Our non-judgmental and caring team at Hope Family Services can help you get the clarity you need to take your next steps.

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