Adoption could be the best option for you as you face an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe you’re still in school and unable to support a child right now. Motherhood doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Adoption is an excellent solution if you’re struggling with life’s circumstances, safety issues with your partner, or have major financial strains. Adoption has drastically changed over the years, giving birth mothers a say in the process. No one decides anything for you.

At Hope Family Services, we can help you gain the insight you need and answer your adoption questions.

Three Types of Adoption

1. Open Adoption

With open adoption, the birth mother decides where she places her child. This could be with relatives, friends, or someone else she knows or selects. The birth mother and adoptive family decide on what kind of visitations and contact will happen. If you are at risk of having your children taken away by child protective services, open adoption allows you to still have a relationship with your children.

2. Closed Adoption

With closed adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents have no contact. There is no sharing of identifying information (including names or contact information), as everything is completely confidential. Closed adoption can give a woman a sense of closure if that’s what she needs.

3. Semi-Open Adoption

With semi-open adoption, no identifying information is shared between the birth family and adoptive family, except for first names. You can send and receive information, but it is handled by a third party, like your adoption specialist.

Adoptive parents send letters, cards, and photos to the adoption agency, who would then forward them to the birth mother. In return, the birth mother and family can also send letters and pictures indirectly.

Is Adoption for you?

Give yourself time to reflect on this option and learn more about the different types of adoption. Adoption has excellent benefits and gives you and your child hope for the future.

While we are not an adoption agency, we can offer you more information about adoption and support and clarity along the way. Schedule a no-cost appointment to learn more.