Where do you even begin with knowing what to do with an unplanned pregnancy? You and your partner thought you were being safe, but you somehow got pregnant.

You are not alone as you and your partner determine your next steps.

We are here to support women and men as they navigate this unexpected season. You may have big questions like:

  • What do we do now?
  • Can I financially support a child?
  • Is the baby really mine?
  • How do we tell our parents/friends?
  • What are our pregnancy options?
  • Should I drop out of school/college?
  • Am I fit to be a parent right now?
  • What does my partner expect from me?

Take a breath and know that you don’t have to have all the answers to these right now. We can help you work through each one, one step at a time.

Processing The News

Process the news and emotions of an unplanned pregnancy on your own before trying to support your partner in her journey. Talk safely and confidently with us today.

You deserve support, and your partner needs you present during this time, especially as she navigates through her pregnancy decision.

No-Cost Parenting Education

We offer parenting classes and material support to both men and women. Gain the insight and education you need to do parenting well. If you need support and parenting assistance, our Hope Family Services team is here to help!

While attending our parenting classes, you can learn valuable information about parenting your children and earn free items to support you along your journey.

We’re Here to Talk

If you simply want to vent or open the conversation about your pregnancy situation with your partner, we provide non-judgemental support for men.

We understand it’s not what you expected to happen, but you are stronger than you know. Find no-cost support today.